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Jo Loves is a British fragrance brand founded by perfumer Jo Malone in 2011 following her 2006 departure from Jo Malone London. She had founded that brand in 1994, and subsequently sold it to Estée Lauder Companies in 1999.

Kelly Anderson mentioned, "Have used Jo Malone for years, but decided to give Jo Loves a try.... sadly not impressed 😞 my husband ordered me a surprise personalised candle for my birthday, it came with the ribbon hanging off and a squint sticker on the front, when we wrote to complain it seems it’s our fault and Covid-19, such a pity. I'm very disappointed in Jo Loves."


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MM says

"Awful Customer service ! Despite them advising a slow response due to Covid, they just don't get back to you!
Doesn't matter if you message them on their Facebook page or direct on their email address their response is nil !
Shame as I moved away from Jo Malone to Jo Loves to support the Founder but alas I have no option but to return to a much better Customer Experience from Estee Lauder (Jo Malone London)"

Terry says

"Jo Loves provides some fantastic products but the ordering process and delivery really lets them down

I was promised 5 working day delivery which is not fantastic compared too Amazon, I received notification 3 days ago my parcel had been shipped but when you check the tracking it still hasn't been received by DPD so here we are after 8 days and still not sure when it will arrive, I'm surprised at Jo loves using this scam where they say things are dispatched but have only place an order with DPD so they can say its on its way

The call center are doing their very best to fend people off but all in all maybe a great product but if they cannot deliver on their promises it really lets the company down.

If you want guaranteed delivery before XMAS you may be better trying Joe Malone"

Julie says

"I purchased a number of candles recently including a luxury £300 one. They seem to have an issue with their glue. On most of the candles the ribbon had come unstuck, not a big deal but would make me think twice before giving as a gift as it looks poor. This issue I had was that on the luxury one the lid the glass had come away from the frame. Very poor. Have logged a complaint but seems it’s the customers problem to find a way return the candle and cover the cost."

Gee says

"Jo Loves has basic satutory consumer rights. If you buy a product in store you are not able to exchange or return it unless it is faulty. I think it is ridiculous for such an upmarket brand to have such a policy. I will not be recommending, buying or using Jo Loves products again!!!"

Catherine Simpson says

"Jo Loves prides itself on the quality of the product but the customer service is appalling. Since its inception I have spent hundreds of pounds with Jo Loves and something that is recorded but recently a candle failed due to the wick. I sent an e-mail to Jo Loves and received a return one asking me to send back the candle making sure I wrapped it properly. They would examine and maybe consider replacing........Clearly they didn't believe me even with photographic evidence. Do NOT support a company who treats good customers badly. I will not be supporting them again."

Mr Richard Spencer-Smith says

"Jo Loves fragrances are really great. If you are sending anything abroad, though, be sure to get a tracking number from the company right from the start. In my case, I didn't have one and all manner of chaos ensued. It's a new company and they have a lot of learning to do but don't let that put you off. It may be a safer option to order their products through Net-a-Porter until they have put things right."